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Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando Cheat Codes for PlayStation PS2 Console

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The following cheat codes are for Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando on the PlayStation PS2 platform. We hope that you are enjoying your visit to Free Game Cheats and look forward to your return for more of the best cheat codes. Click Here To bookmark us!


Skill Points Rewards

Get the following extras by earning the required number of Skill Points:

5: Big Head Ratchet
7: Rux Skin for Ratchet
10: Big Head Clank
12: Mirrored levels
15: Big Head NPCs
20: Clown Outfit
25: Big Head Enemies
30: Beach Boy

Unlock Snow Skin

Beat all levels of the Impossible Challenge (in the Arena) to unlock the snow skin.

Weapons For Free

Play with a memory card save from the original Ratchet and Clank in your PS2 and you'll automatically have all five weapons that both games share.

Challenge Mode

You will be able to play the game on challenge mode after beating it one time. Challenge mode ups the difficulty as well as providing a bolt multiplier to help you buy those hard-to-get weapons. You can also buy extra upgrades for most of the weapons in challenge mode.

See Jak II

When your in Megapolis, Go to Clank's apartment, Look where the couch and the chair is, Look right, and you will see Jak and Daxter.

Unlock Insomniac Museum Level

On Planet Otwock, stand on the fountain at 3:00 AM to be teleported to this level. You can also reach this level by using the Short Cuts menu, which is unlocked after you defeat the final boss and get all weapons, all mods, and all skill points. In this secret level, you can see prototype characters and levels not used in the rest of the game.

Ship Vendor Bonuses

Collect skill points to unlock more bonuses at the Ship Vendor.

15 skill points:
Blargian Red
Orxon Green
Pokitaru Purple
Snagglebeast Brown
Qwark Green
Bogan Blue
Lombax Orange
Yeedil Yellow
Drek's Black Heart

16 skill points:
Special Insomniac paint jobs

18 skill points
Scoop Nose

26 skill points
Split Nose

Skill Points

Barlow Skill Points
"Speed demon" - Beat 1:45 in the hoverbike race.

Boldan Skill Points
"No shocking developments" - Ride the grind rail without getting hit.
"Safety deposit" - Rescue all tourists at the bank.

Damosel Skill Points
"Midtown madness" - Go grinding without getting hit.

Dobbo Skill Points
"Dukes up" - Kill the mech with only melee attacks.
"Old skool" - Kill all enemies with only the weapons from Ratchet and Clank 1.

Endako Skill Points
"Nothing to see here" - Destroy all Megacorp rockets during the tour.
"Destroy all breakables" - Bust up the Circular City.
"Operate heavy machinery" - Destroy 10 robots with the crane.

Grelbin Skill Points
"Be a moon child" - Mine all moonstones.

Joba Skill Points
"That's impossible!" - Beat the impossible challenge.
"How fast was that?" - Beat 2:05 in the hoverbike race.
"Wrench Ninja II: Massacre" - Kill all enemies with only the wrench.
"Bye bye birdies" - Kill 12 birds.

Maktar Nebula Skill Points
"Wrench Ninja: Blade to Blade" - Defeat Chainblade with only the wrench.
"Vandalize" - Bust up the Maktar Resort.
"2B or not 2B hit" - Kill B2 Brawler without getting hit.
"Clank needs a new pair of shoes" - Win 300 bolts from a slot machine.

Noob Skill Points
"Robo rampage" - Turn Lunar City into a parking lot.

Notak Skill Points
"Planet buster" - Destroy the large floating globe.

Oozla Skill Points
"Prehistoric rampage" - Shoot 4 pterodactyls.
"Smash and grab" - Bust up the Megacorp store.

Siberius Skill Points
"You can break a Snow Dan" - Kill the Snow Dan.

Snivelak Skill Points
"Moving violation" - Destroy 14 ships.

Tabora Skill Points
"Heal your chi" - Get all crystals.

Todano Skill Points
"You're my hero" - Rescue all tourists.
"Try to sleep" - Turn 16 squirrels into sheep.

James Bond Ratchet

When you get 7 skill points you will unlock a cheat that will give Ratchet a tux.

Lots of Bolts

On planet Endako (the one where you rescue Clank) go to Clank's appartment. On the table there should be somthing triangular. Break it and lots of of bolts will come out. Ta-Da. Lots of bolts.

Easy Boss Battle

The easy boss battle: If you are on planet Yeedil and trying to beat the boss, all you have to do, is when he shoots out other little Protopets, don't care about the Protopets, just focus on the giant Protopet and start shooting the Bouncer/heavy Bouncer or the Plasma Coil/Storm and he will die eventually. But remember, as soon as the battle starts, equip the Sheild Charger, and the Synthanoids/Kylinoids.

The Box Breaker

To get the Box Breaker, go to planet Oozla, then go to the end of the Megacorp store (the part after you use the Dynamo to get across the gap with the boards rushing up at you.) Then, if you've been to planet Joba, use the Gravity Boots to walk up the metal ramp, thrn stalk up on all your ammo. You will be facing the Swamp Monster 2. You will need a lot of firepower for this beast. The most effective weapon for him is the Lava Gun/Meteor Gun. If that doesn't work use the Seeker Gun/HK22 Gun. If that still doesn't work use the Blitz Gun/Cannon. And don't forget to use the Synthanoid/Kylinoid and the Sheild Charger. Try not to fall into the gooey swamp water, as if you are in ther for five to ten seconds, you will sink and die. Then when you beat him, you will get the Box Breaker! The way to use it is to press X ( jump up) and press the square button ( HYper Strike.) The Box Breaker can break about fifteen feet up left, right, forward, and backward!

Mini Game

To play a Mini Game, go to Clank's apartment, and use the Dynamo on the triangle thing. You will play a game with a Synthanoid. To shoot the swarming sheep, just press X. You can move up and down with the analog stick (left analog stick) or the control pad.

Black Sheepinator

To get the Black Sheepinator, just beet the game on Challenge Mode and you will get the Black Sheepinator.

Easy Traversing

On planet Greblin, don't have battles with the Y.E.T.I.s. Just destroy the Artic Leviathans (or let your Synthanoids or upgraded forms of the Synthanoids take care of them.) But pick up the Moonstones from the Artic L's. You will be able to find Moonstones much faster.

Armor Magnetizer

To get the Armor Magnetizer, go to planet Todano. Go to the patr of the Weapons Facility where you get the Sheepinator (the second part of it.) Then, get the Tractor Beam out and move the targets three quarters of the way in that section (section number two of seven.) You will see a big hole in the wall. Jump in it and keep on going. WATCH OUT! A Megacorp Security Gauard 'Bot will jump up from below when you get close enough. Then, you will approach a pimply faced teenager who just LOVES Captain Qwark. Talk to him. He was going to give you the Armor Magnetizer for free, but since you humiliated Qwark in your first adventure when Gadgetron products were still popular, you will have to give him a Qwark Action Figure. Beat planet Boldan, then go to Planet Aranos Thugs 4 Less Prison. After you get coordinats for another planet, don't go to the next planet. Stay there, and go to the door, not left, not right, but in the middle of it all. Make sure you have at least 20,000 Bolts, and hop up the latter, and use the Levitater. Hey, look! Plumber's crack! It's the plumber from the very first planet on the first Ratchet and Clank!(if you don't count the one you only can go to once.)You will need to pay the plumber 20,000 Bolts for a stinkin' Captain Qwark Action Figure. HEY! If you had enough Bolts to buy the Qwark Action Figure, just approach him and buy it! Now you can go back to Planet Todano and trade for the Armor Magnetizer! Follow the first few steps to get back to Mr. Pimply, and trade him! Bonus! Don't leave yet! Near the pimply dude, there is a reward! A Platinum Bolt!

How to get past the level "The Chemical Factory"

On the level the Chemical Factory {after Planet Notak} the last obstical is three floating barrels. If you stand on the first barrel, the third one will rise, if you stand on the last one, the first one will rise, and if you stand on the middle one, the barrels stay straight. Stand on the first one so the last barrel will rise, then take your Thermonator out and freeze the water, jump up the barrels and put your Thruster Pack on, the hold R1 and press X, you will fly op and on to the edge, then there will be 3 or more robots that Clank has to talk to.

Beat Impossible Challenge Without A Sweat

Here is how you beat the "Impossible Challenge"
easily first,have at least 60 pieces of life in your life bar,next,be sure to have gotten the
Plasma Storm,Killonoids,Megarocket Cannon,
RYNOII,Megaturret Glove,Omniwrench12000,
Meteor Gun,Heany Lancer,Blitz Cannon,and finnaly the Zodiac.Here are some tips that will help:
1.Stock up on all of your ammo.
2.Use your wrench if you are close to an enemy.
3.You should at least have Durasteel Armour.
4.Blitz Cannon for light close range.
5.Heavy Bouncer for heavy close range damage.
6.Heavy Lancer for long range light damage.
7.Megarocket Cannon for heavy long range.
8.RYNOII and Zodiac will be weapons that are used when you need help with destruction
9.Killonoids and Megaturrets are are used as support and cover fire needs.
10.Only use this if you will have fun!!!!!

(P.S. I acquired all weapons and needed power ups before I beat this.The Zodiac should be used if you need to destroy some powerfull enemys.If you cant beat it after my guide tells you what you do go to Planet Yeedil and train.)

Easy way to defeat Chian blade

On the Market Nebula make your way to the stadium.{A.K.A. Battle Arena.} After you've won the battle for the elotrotizer, select chain blade. When he jumps in the arena, use your multi star. If you use it as soon as he get's in the arena, You won't get hit by him.

Defeat Thugs-4- Less leader easily

On your third battle with the T-4-L {A.K.A. Thugs=4-Less} leader when you have to rescue Angela, he will be using some kind of Megacorp destucto robot. Use the gun turrets.When using one he should walk away. When he stops shooting those floating bombs. He will try destroy your turret. As soon sa he comes to you, exit the turret. Then he will focus on you instead of the turret.After maybe five seconds or more get back in the turret and he will walk away to fire more floating bombs.That way you don't have find another turret. Note: The T-4-L leader might not destroy the turret. He MIGHT not.

Final Boss Tactic

At the very last planet, you will face amutated proto-pet. This may sound crazy,but let it get a ammo box. For example: If boucers or any other kind of weapon comes flying out of its mouth, you must get under the mouth of the proto-pet. The weapon won't be able to hit you there. While the proto-pet is still firing the weapon, it will leave you a clear shot so use the time wisely. On the other hand if you get the ammo before the proto-pet, it will fire more proto-pets leting you be a locked on target.

Ratchet and his games

After the imsomniac and game logos go away,you will see ratchet playing with a game controller,if you wait long enough, you can see him playing 4 games,Ratchet and clank 1,Ratchet and clank 2,Jak and daxter,and Sly cooper.It's not a code, but it's funny to see ratchet lose at something that he had done for real before. Have fun, and laugh!

Beat The Impossible Chall. With A FEW Weapons

There are 60 rounds in the impossible challenge and if you want to beat the impossible challenge with just a few weapons do this: First make sure you have the Kilonoides,the Megaturrets,Zapper or Clanks Shocker,and last but definetly not least the tesla shield{The transformed verision of the first shield.} Here's how it works: When your enmey's are coming towards you, the Megaturrets will be the first weapon to start firing. The limit for the Megaturrets to be out at once is five. When your out of megaturrets, the kilonoids will start shooting.The kilonoids plasma lasers won't be strong enough to push the enemy back unless the kilonoids throw a bomb. If the enemy get's to close to you the tesla shield and the Clank Shocker will shock them, but the Clank Shocker can hit at a longer range than the tesla shield. When it's time for a cage battle your kilonoids and tesla shield will vanish when you jump on the thing that get's you into the cage, this also happens when you exit the cage. At the 60th round you will face Megapede.The best weapon to use against it is the Meteor Gun or the RYNOII. If my way doesn't work for you, then do it another way, but these are the weapons I used to beat the impossible challenge. Just use these weapons and kick @$$.

Get to the insomniac museum without winning the game

At silver city on planet boldan (once the electrical wall is down) go to the crossing and turn left towards the door with the thugs go straight and kill them all take the right passage go kill the thugs and go up the lift there should be thugs running accross the room kill them and then go through the left passage and down the lift there should be a total of seven thugs the (closest two should be playing rock,paper,scissors) kill them all (I ussually use the vaporizer or sniper for this) without breaking the two ammo boxes to the right between a gap then go and stand on the two ammo boxes and jump over the yellow wall and go straight past the yellow glass building and accross a bridge (it should have a few graphics glitches) go and jump left next to the building and keep and walking forward while pushing on the side of the wall youll then fall through the wall and under the building to the middle of the building and jump up through the floor youll be fighting a few thugs after you've killed the thugs there will be two teleporter pads one will go to your ship and the other to the insomniac museum.

Clank's Day at Insomniac

Collect all weapons, mods, and skill points to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

Rejected commercials

Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.


Collect all weapons and all mods to unlock this option at the "Random Stuff" menu.

How to defeat the impossible challenge

You need the RYNO 2 and mega rocket launcher and ultra tesla barrier. You will only need RYNO 2 in the first 59 rounds and the mega rocket launcher in the last you equip you re self with the ultra tesla barrier all the time if the barrier fades wait until the next cage match or normal and then you equipt it again the Tesla barrier fades whenever it change for cage match to normal or normal to cage match. Simply destroy everything you see with the RYNO 2 after each round look for ammo boxes. in about 6 rounds you will have a cage match. Look around for ammo boxes whenever a cage match finishes. id you are not wasteful after each cage match you will only use around 20 ammo. In the last round (round 60) use the mega rocket launcher. You wil face the megapede. The rockets from a RYNO 2 may not be fast enough to hid the megapede since it move around so quickly. when you hit one of its segiments it will fall off and fire at you. use RYNO to finish the sgeiment.

Get it over with

If you want to kill the final proto-pet, just use the RYNOII. You'll annihilate it before he busts through the floor, or kill'em in less than ten seconds. On planet Oozla, yhe first boss you see, use the Zodiac to obliterate it, or the Ultra Mini-Nuke. On the Marketar Nebula, eliminate the B2 Brawler by allowing him to get down for it's spin attack and blast it with the RYNOII, or the Zodiac.

Free Loader

On the dessert planet your ship is crushed. After you find the elevater to get to the surface,you'll run into the thief/Angela. After dealing with her you will have your next desination. You must gather a few crystals for the old man. Note: "This you must have completed the game for this." If you don't won't to get him some crystals, then just pause the game, go to the speacial screen select short cuts and go where you want to go.

Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando Game Cheats and Cheat Codes for the PlayStation PS2 Console

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