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Pokemon Silver/Gold Cheat Codes for GameBoy Color Console

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Category : GameBoy Color
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The following cheat codes are for Pokemon Silver/Gold on the GameBoy Color platform. We hope that you are enjoying your visit to Free Game Cheats and look forward to your return for more of the best cheat codes. Click Here To bookmark us!


Clone Pokemon:
Go to a PC and save. Take up Bill's PC and deposite the pokemon that you want to clone. Change the box and when it says "Saving dont turn off the power" turn off the power BEFORE the word "power" ends. Turn the gameboy back on and the pokemon that you wanted to clone should be in your party and in the box that you deposited your pokemon in. *HINT* To see if the Pokemon that you cloned is the REAL THING, try looking at the exp. points. If they are they same, it is cloned.

How to clone items and pokemon:
Put the pokemon in a empty box what you want to clone, and make that pokemon hold an item you want to clone, e.g masterball, rare candy etc. Then once you've put the pokemon in the empty box, change box, when it says saving do not turn off the power. Switch it off. Then switch it on and you will have one of that pokemon in your party and one in the box and one of the items will be in your pack, and the cloned pokemon (in your box) will be holding one.

Shiny Pokemon:
Put a flying pokemon in the first position, the golden gyrados in the second position and the pokemon you want shined in the last. Leave the 3rd, 4th and 5th positions free. Then go to a computer and save. Then go and enter Bill's PC and put the 6th pokemon in a box then leave the PC and save again. Then go into the computer and withdraw your 6th pokemon and it'll be shiny.

Super Duplication Trick:
Give your pokemon a rare candy. Stand in front of a PC and save. Withdraw all your rare candys from your pc. Give them to the pokemon you want to raise. Do the duplication trick. Take the item from the pokemon in your party. Withdraw the other one in the pc, he will have an higher level than the other one and you'll have more rare candys.

Another duplication trick:
You must have aboute 6 rare candys or more. First you stand in front of the computer, give the pokemon you want to raise or duplicate a rare candy and you save. Then use all of the rare candys to him, you must use all of them. Then do the duplication trick : deposit your pokemon into an empty box and change to an other box when it sais : saving...don't TURN IT OFF. Turn it back on and you will see that the rare candys you used to the pokemon are still in your pack and the pokemon you deposited is on a higher level then the one in your party + you'll have one more rare candy in your pack if you take the item from the original and duplicated pokemon. By the way did you now that the unknowns have a name? Look at the unknown pkdex lower on the screen you will see the unknown's name, it is written in unknown letters.

How to get tyranneynx:
Go to ice path and catch a female jynx. Get a tyrannetar and Raise your starting pokemon to level 100. Breed jynx with your starter pokemon. Wait 1 hour. Breed jynx with tyrannetar and get the egg and hatch it. Inside will be tyranneynx!

Find shiny Pokemon:
Go to pallet town and talk to prof. oak 100 times. Go to Mt. Silver and beat Red. Beat the pokemon league. Go back to Mt. Silver and raise your party to lv.100. Deposit your party and replace it with lv.1-9 pokemon. Wait until nightime. Look in your pc and take out your lv.100 pokemon party. Go to olivine and fish in the water, all the pokemon you find will be shiney!

Trade Trick:
Note: Must trade with link cable to do this. Get Suicune in Pokemon Crystal and transfer it to Pokemon Silver then trade it back to Pokemon Crystal. You will now have on your Pokedex were Suicune's nest is.

Pokemon Silver/Gold Game Cheats and Cheat Codes for the GameBoy Color Console

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