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ESPN NFL 2K5 Cheat Codes for PlayStation PS2 Console

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The following cheat codes are for ESPN NFL 2K5 on the PlayStation PS2 platform. We hope that you are enjoying your visit to Free Game Cheats and look forward to your return for more of the best cheat codes. Click Here To bookmark us!


Easy Way to Win the Super Bowl

When you choose franchise pick all of the teams, then simulate the pre season, the regular season, and simulate week to week until the Super Bowl in the playoffs. Choose one of the two teams in the Super Bowl and play, but make sure you win.

Easy Sack

To get an easy sack, use the 4-3. Then, go up until you find the play 'All Blitz O'. Take the left DE and keep moving left until you get past the left OL. After the snap, run towards the QB and you should get the sack.

Easy Jukes

Instead of pressing R2 and L2 to juke, use the Right Analog-stick. Move it to the left for a left juke, right for a right juke, up for a stutter step, and down for a 'stop short' move.

Plow Over Defender

If you have a power based or balance runner, run towards a defensive player and hold Triangle (shoulder charge)
to plow over him.

Touchdown Pose

When you have bombed on an opponent and have no one around you while running towards the touchdown, slow down (by slightly pushing the Left Analog-stick) and your player will stop at the one yard line and pose before scoring.

Play Milestones

Create a team from the worst players. chalenge them to a quick game. use the Nfl All-Stars to beat them. This works for all of the milestones theat dont require being in Franchise mode.

Easy way to get User Milestones for Crib

Set the quarter length to 8 minutes the longer the game the better chance to get milestones. Get as much time with the ball as possible by onside kicks and letting the other team score quick. If its a defensive milestone punt the ball as soon as you get it.

Break tackle

When you are being tied up by a defender tap X as fast as you can and if you tap it fast enough you will break free and keep going.

Easy crib credits

Create a team of the worst players ever, then play them with the NFL team or a team of your choice. The opposing team will be easy to crush under any difficulty setting.

In franchise mode and you are about to play a game, go to "Gamecast Live". Let it simulate the game, then take control in the fourth quarter before time runs out. You will be credited with everything that happened during simulation, and everything you did while actually playing.

During a game, turn off the penalties and when your on defense, go near the QB on their side. When they snap the ball, sack him for lots of crib credits.

To earn some crib credits, simply browse the game's menus. The best menu is the "Game Manual" in the "Extras". It tells you how to blitz defenders, assign tight coverage, juke, etc.

Break tackle

When you are being tied up by a defender tap X as fast as you can and if you tap it fast enough you will break free and keep going.

Air hockey table

Win the Super Bowl.

Cheesesteak Dome stadium

Defeat Jamie Kennedy.

Dream Superdome stadium

Defeat Steve-O.

Electra Coliseum stadium

Defeated Carmen Electra.

Funk Field stadium

Defeat Funkmaster Flex.

Loco Arena stadium

Defeat David Arquette.

Easy onside kicks

Move your meter as far right and as high as it can go. Then, barely kick it. Your player should run under it and catch it. However, make sure if you select the player running towards the ball that he does not hit the player on their team, otherwise it is fair catch interference.

Easy kickoff

To tackle the receiving team behind the fifteen yard line most of the time, aim your kick all the way up and get a MAX kick, or close to one. Immediately after to kick, press Circle and start to sprint with the player. You should be the first one downfield to tackle the player with the ball.

Never lose the ball

After you score a touchdown, pause the game and go to the 'options' menu. Scroll down to the penalties menu, and turn off 'illegal onside kick.' Then, do an onside kick and aim the meter as far left and as low down as possible. Kick it really short and the ball will bounce into the air right next to you. Then, your man should catch the ball. You should be able to kick the ball less than ten yards and not get charged for a penalty. This is a good way to score points fast and never lose the ball.

Don't get tackled

When a defender is headed straight toward you...as soon as he closes in for the tackle press left on the Right analog stick. He will get out of the tackle by spinning once he gets wrapped up. You can do this to score easy touchdowns.Practice your timing with this move.

$1,00,00 Crib Credits

Change your VIP profile name to PhatBank.

All Crib Items Unlocked

Change your VIP profile name to CribMax.

Completed Every Milestone

Change your VIP profile name to MadSkilz.

Audio Database Name

To unlock this code,you must go under features at the min menu screen and click on player create,press "Add New Player".Next,type in Baby in the first name column and in the last name column type in Williams.If you did this cheat right,it will say,"Audio database name match found!". Then click,"Okay".

Always Get The Ball

Use the following trick to always get the ball start a game. On any play, if your opponent has the ball press Start and go to 'Options'. Choose 'Crib Cheats' and turn on the 'Always Fumble On A Tackle' (if purchased) and turn off penalties. When you and your opponent select your plays, go behind the QB, If you touch anyone, you will be flagged. When you tackle him and there is a fumble, recover the ball. When you have to select a play, press Start, go to 'Options', select 'Crib Cheats' and disable the 'Always Fumble' cheat. When you begin the play, your opponent will not tackle you and cause a fumble. Repeat this as desired.

Beat The Salary Cap

Beating the salary cap can be frustrating with created characters. Instead, go to the roster for your favorite team, find the third string position player, then just edit his name, stats, and appearance. By doing this, your player will be rated 100 overall, but still be paid a very low salary.

ESPN NFL 2K5 Game Cheats and Cheat Codes for the PlayStation PS2 Console

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