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Sims: House Party, The Cheat Codes for PC Console

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The following cheat codes are for Sims: House Party, The on the PC platform. We hope that you are enjoying your visit to Free Game Cheats and look forward to your return for more of the best cheat codes. Click Here To bookmark us!


No Billls

Bring up the cheat box(CTRL+SHIRT+C)and type move_objects on and go to buy mode put the hand on the mailbox and click and delete it. Presto no more bills.

Full Stats

To get your sim's stats full first push shift+ctrl+c. Then type in move_objects on. Use the hand tool click on your sim and press delete. Your sim will disappear. Then click on the sim's picture for it to reappear with full stats.

Higher Mood

First buy a rodeo bull and put someone on it. Then put in the "move_objects on" cheat and delete the rodeo. In a couple seconds, the person will come back, have a high mood, and have high attributes.

More Money

Push Ctrl, Alt, Shift and C together and then type rosebud then press enter. It should give you $1000. If you want more money, bring up the entry screen again (Ctrl, Alt, Shift, C) then type !;!;!;!;!;!;! etc. You can do this as many times as you want.

Move any object ( even sims )

To move any object press Control, Shift and C all together and enter 'move_object on' and you will be able move everything.

Awesome Parties

To have awesome parties always include objects like the bonfire or the bubble blower. Buy entertainers in the cake and make sure you have a caterer.

Cheat Codes

You push and hold the following buttons: Shift, control, alt, c. That will get you to the cheat screen. You can enter multiple cheats at once by typing a ; between cheats.. such as the following for money "klapaucius;!;!;!;!" etc.

The list:

KLAPAUCIUS-gives you 1000 dollors (Does not work in Version 1.1)
WATER TOOL-you can put water around your home
CAM_MODE-Camera Toggle
MUSIC-Music toggle
SOUND-Sound toggle
HTML-Web page creation toggle
SOUNDEVENT-Toggle sound event
RELOAD_PEOPLE-Total reload of skins, animations, suits, people
SET HOUR-set (1-24)what time you want to get up
SIM_LIMIT -Set max milliseconds for similator
SIM_SPEED-<-1000-1000>- Set sim speed
INTERESTS-it will let you change your personalitys and interests
AUTONMY-let's the sims to think on their own (0-100)
GROWGRASS-make the grass tall or short (0-150)
MANSION-The Best House
BUBBLE_TWEAK - Set thought bubble z offset
ASSERT-Force assert to test
SIM_LOG END-Stop sim logging
SIM LOG BEGIN-Start sim logging
DEBUG_SOCIAL-Show social dialogue chocies
DRAW_ORGINS-Show person's orgin
DUMP_HAPPY-Send person's recent interactions file
DUMP_MC-Send person's motive contribution curve to a file
EDIT_GRASS-- Make grass change value
LOT SIZE-- set lot size
EDIT CHAR-Create a character mode
DRAW_ROUTES ON-Show person's route
DRAW_ROUTES OFF-Show people's route
HISTORY-Save family history file
HIST_ADD-Add new family history stat to family
IMPORT-- Import Family file
VISITOR_CONTROL- Toggle to control visitors with keyboard
LOG MASK- Set event logging mask
DRAW_FLOORABLE ON-Enable floorable grid
DRAW_FLOORABLE OFF-Disable floorable grid
MAP EDIT ON-self explanitory on
MAP EDIT OFF-self explanitory off
MOVE_OBJECTS-Move any object
PREVIEW_ANIMS ON-Preview animations on
PREVIEW_ANIMS OFF-Preview animations off
PREPARE_LOT-Fix required lot objects
ROTATION - Rotate camera
ROUTE BALOONS ON-Enable basic tutorial
ROUTE BALOONS OFF-Disable basic tutorial
LOG MASK-Event logging mask set
DRAW ALL FRAMES ON-Draw all frames
DRAW ALL FRAMES OFF-Disable draw all frames
TILE INFO ON-Show tile info
TILE INFO OFF-Hide tile info
SWEEP ON-Enable ticks
SWEEP OFF-Disable ticks

Drew Carey

If you throw a big enough party, Drew Carey will show up to entertain and hang out until it ends.

Naked Sims

If you want to see your sim naked simply do this code:

1. Hold ctrl shift and c and a box will appear in the corner.
2. Type in move_objects on
3. Have your sim go in the shower.
4. Go into buy mode and take the shower off your sim.
5. Now your sim will be standing there naked.
6. They won't even have censor signs so all you need to do is look and see.

A Rockin' Party

Want to throw a smashing party? Buy the reclaimed payphone and call throw party to really get the night going, better still you don't need to greet your guests, they let themselves in! But it costs $1 (Simolean) to make calls. If your party is a flop and the mime will happen to come, don't panic. All you have to do is either delete all doors going outside your house so you can use the velvet ropes to keep him out. After a while he will give up and go away.

Campfire Ghost

Have a Sim that has a Charisma/Creativity over 6 light a fire and tell a story. Once in a great while, a campfire ghost will appear and haunt your Sims until the fire goes out.

Sims: House Party, The Game Cheats and Cheat Codes for the PC Console

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