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Sega GT 2002 Cheat Codes for XBox Console

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The following cheat codes are for Sega GT 2002 on the XBox platform. We hope that you are enjoying your visit to Free Game Cheats and look forward to your return for more of the best cheat codes. Click Here To bookmark us!


Super Racing Muffler

Clear the second season then race the hatchback event. If you raced the hatchback event before doing so, you may not perform this trick correctly. After you clear the second season buy a Civic Type R 02 and fully modify the car. Race the hatchback event and come in first.


Go to the used parts section regularly and check for question marks. For $1800 you can get a bottle of Nitrous Oxide, only for use in Drag Racing. To use it, press Y. Use wisely, as it is one-time only. Note: This was done with a play time of 24 hours.

Nitrous Oxide Part

To obtain nitrous for the drag race you must be on a day ending in a 6 (26, 86, 236, etc). You must first lose a drag race at least one day before the day ending in a "6", or up to 3 days in advance (ends in "3"). Once you have lost, and it is a day ending in a "6", go to the used parts shop and the part will be all the way to the right under the "???". The part costs $1980 and you can only use it once (by pressing Y button) in a drag race.

Easy money

Unlock the GT40 Concept car from the Season 1 Official Races. You can buy it for $150,000 then sell it for $185,000 to $195,000. It only takes about one or two game days to sell it, for a $35,000 to $45,000 profit.

Quick start

Get a six gear car. Top it out with the maximum HP, ten test it out in the Sega Drag race. Make sure you get your car in a Manual Transmission. Start out with sixth gear, and accelerate just before the last second. When you go up to 40 mph, shift down to third and make your way up the gears.

Control replay views

You can control the camera during replays. In "main view" mode, use the Left Analog-stick to move it up, down, left, or right; and L and R to zoom in and out.

Faster drag race

During a drag race turn your TCS (Traction Control System) off at the options menu. You will notice your car is much slower with it on. Just let the wheels spin and you will get a win every time.

Free part/upgrade

Purchase any part/upgrade for any car and have the exact amount of money in your total money. You will receive the part/upgrade for free. For example, have $10,000 total money and purchase a Tuned ROM upgrade priced at $10,000. You will get the part for free with $10,000 still in your total money.

Get Ford Dragster

When you're in the garage press white, left, right, white, left and you will get a 1967 Ford Dragster.


To get the nitrous from the used parts shop, you will have to lose at the drag races on a day ending with "5". For example, 305,15, etc. Return to the screen for the parts shop after the drag race. It will now be 306,16,etc. There will be a question mark at the end of all the parts, after the turbos. If your car has a turbo or if it does not appear, get out then go back in and it should appear.

Good Car

If you are just starting Sega GT 2002, the preferred car is a Levin TE27. It may cost you alot of your money, but it still is quite fast.First, race in the 70's car race (you can enter) and win.You will get a car.Then get enough money to buy a Peugot 206(13,000$).With a Peugot, race in Hot Hatch Event and win, You will get a Renault car.This car is also fast.So far , you have four cars.Now race in official races and come in first on all the tracks. You will win a Cosmo Sport. DO NOT PASS YOUR LICENCE TEST.If you do,all the event races become harder. Now if you want a really cool car,either select Car Shop and scroll down to Opel and select it,the first car you see is a Speedster(32,000$),or you can go to the car maker far right of Opel and select it. The first car you ee is a Exlise Type 72. It has golden rims and is extremely fast(26,000$).It can really acelerate fast.Its good for Drag Racing if you soup it up, or upgrade it ,for those out there who dont know car lingo.

Winning Speed Ring

This works if your racing on Speed Ring 2002 under "Official Race". When the race starts turn left into the lane closest to the grass, stay on the inside for the whole race.

All cars and about $ 6,000,000,000

Load the Official X-Box Magazine Disk #26. Go to the downloadable content and select "Sega GT 2002" This will give you a saved game with every car plus money. You will not get the locked cars such as the Caspita or Viper. However, you will have every normal car from the Skyline V-Spec II (R34) to the Opel Roadster.

Completing the game

In order to complete the game you must do all of the official races on seasons one and two. Also, on the first season on the world tournament, if you finish first, you will win a Dodge Viper and $150,000. On the second season on the world tournament, if you finish first, you will win $30,000.

Hidden car

On the level with the crane in the turn, look (drive) to the left. You will see a group of cheering people. Next to them is an Opel Astra coupe. Although you cannot get the car in the level, you can buy it at the car shop.

Reverse burnout

Go to the options and disable the TSC. Then take your car for a test drive. Try to get in the middle of the track and spin the tires. You can turn right or left.


Go to the options and disable the TCS and SCS. Go to your garage and select a car to perform a test drive with. You can now do a burnout and donuts. Hold X + A to burnout for a long time. It takes a few seconds for the car to stop moving while holding the buttons. In quick battle mode, if you select dual race only player two can do burnouts and donuts.

Accelerate faster

To accelerate faster during a race, tap R. Note: This will only work with an automatic transmission.

Third turbo

To get the third turbo, win the "Monster B" race in the second season. There is an easy way to win it, that requires about thirty minutes. First, get a Nissan Skyline R34 V-SPEC II and build it up to the max. Set its suspension to soft on both and
set the boost pressure to maximum. Make sure TCS is on. Win the last event race. You will win a car. Build that car up to the max. Set the suspension to soft and boost pressure to maximum. Turn TCS off. Before you buy the Nissan, it would be
wise to sell an expensive prize car for double its price. It will take about ten to fifteen days to sell it. If it lowers the last number of its price on the left down one number, you are set.

Cheaper parts

Enter the used parts menu, select a part and check the price. Exit the screen and repeat a few times. The price may drop down by a couple hundred dollars. Go to the used parts menu, and look for your part. They will usually be cheaper, sometimes even up to half off the normal price. But be careful, for these items will often break in the middle of a race and cannot be repaired.

Sega GT 2002 Game Cheats and Cheat Codes for the XBox Console

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