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Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Cheat Codes for PlayStation PS2 Console

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The following cheat codes are for Resident Evil: Code Veronica X on the PlayStation PS2 platform. We hope that you are enjoying your visit to Free Game Cheats and look forward to your return for more of the best cheat codes. Click Here To bookmark us!


Battle mode

Complete the game on any difficulty setting with any ranking. Then, battle mode will automatically be saved to the memory card and selectable at the main menu.

First person view option in battle mode

Complete the game on the easy or normal difficulty settings with any ranking to enable an option to play battle mode in first person view.

Play as Steve Burnside in battle mode

Get the Gold Lugers from the basement office in Disc 2. The correct combination is red, green, blue, and brown. You can also unlock Steve Burnside by performing well with the original Chris in battle mode.

Play as Albert Wesker in battle mode

Perform well with Chris in battle mode.

Play as alternate Claire in battle mode

Perform well with the original Claire in battle mode.

Linear launcher in battle mode

Get an 'A' ranking with Chris, Steve Burnside, Albert Wesker and both versions of Claire in battle mode to unlock the linear launcher. It will appear in your inventory during the next battle mode game.

Rocket launcher

Get an 'A' ranking in the normal game by completing it without saving, no first aid sprays, and no retries. Additionally, save Steve from the Luger quickly, give the Medicine to Rodrigo, and complete the game with a time less than 4:30. The rocket launcher will appear in the first item box in the next new game.

Get Special Journal

Go to the slot machine in the palace each time through the Battle Game (with the same character). Usually, on the third try, a special journal will be there. It belongs to someone named D.I.J. Who could that be?

Throw Zombies Off The Bridge

When going across the bridge for the first time heading to the palace there are two zombies (not bandersnatchers). Get as close to the edge as possible and still leave room for a zombie to grab Claire's neck from behind her. Keep pushing buttons and he should fall off.

Play as Hunk in Battle Mode

To play as the legendary Hunk from Resident Evil 2, simply play through the game snagging all the files and beating the game in less than 3 and a half hours.

Get Magnum

To get the magnum, keep the fire extinguisher after you use it in disc 1. Store it in Claire's box. When you get to the middle - end of disc 2, you will get some foam for the extinguisher. Soon after, you will come upon a fire. Put it out and theres the magnum.

Extra Movemnet in Battle Game

A few of the people in battle mode have extra moves they can do. 1. Clair gets cold when you go through ice areas. 2. Wesker looks inside the torso with no eye 3. Steve get unhappy after not having change for a soda. 4. Once the locker room is clear chris will groom him self at the sink.

Scare Away Bats

If ever you come across bats (first encounter in the palace) just equip the lighter as you did at the beginning of the game, and the bats won't attack you.

Fixing the Oil Meter's !

When you arrive at the Aiport Bridge with Chris pull the lever for the Bridge and a message ill come and say one of the oil meters has failed. Carry on over the bridge and into the Bridge Engine Room, look to your left and you should see 4 Meters, 1 of which is broken, you must fill 10 meters using a 5 meter and a 3 meter. Do your maths this can't be done.

Hit the 3 button twice, which equals 6, then hit the 5 which then adds up to 11, but because what we need to fill is a 10 and we have 11, the 5 meter will now become a 1, so now all we have to do is hit the 3 meter, 3 times which equals 9, then hit the 1 which equals 10. Now the Bridge will be up and running so you can operate the bridge fully !

Boss: Albinoid

This little pesky critter is a tough enemy, though you don't get hit by the albinoid the electrical shocks do that for it. The albinoid is protecting the Eagle Plate that holds the Halberd, equip your shotgun and walk to the far right, auto-aim at the albinoid and blast it until it cannot be blasted any further, you may need to reload a few times. Once the albinoid is dead walk over to the Eagle Plate and pick it up. Open up your menu and combine the Eagle Plate with the Clement Mixture E to create the Halberd!

Easy kills with Wesker in Battle Mode!

An easy way to kill your enemies in Battle Mode with Albert Wesker is to equip your knife, then aim towards the legs, if you get a full swipe they will fall to the floor instantly leaving them crawling, if you only clip them with a swipe you will have to wait until they are closer.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Game Cheats and Cheat Codes for the PlayStation PS2 Console

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